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Before whomever complains about why I did not post their ‘anonymous’ post claiming censorship, it is included in this one. The reason for not posting it on it’s own will be explained below:

Title:¬†Appalled by thunder bays brutal racism towards Canada’s indegenous people

I am disgusted at hearing how brutally racist Thunder Bay is towards Canada’s indigenous people. Shame! I will not be going to your awful city anytime soon

BTW: I did not edit (including spelling errors) nor¬†truncate the post (that’s all of it).

This post is not really a blog entry, it is just a statement or comment. If there was a posted article talking about “how brutally racist Thunder Bay is towards Canada’s indigenous people” then this post would make a valid comment to that post. However on its own, it’s more of a short rant that does nothing to add to the site or positive user experience. As a site admin my job isn’t only to keep the site up and running, it’s also keeping it relevant with posts that the visitors would want to read and engage in.

I must say the title wanted me to read the post, then disappointed by the one line rant it contained. If someone wants to post a real story/article about how they feel about Thunder Bay (including why and some references to) I am all for posting it.

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